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Date: January 22, 2018

Written by: George (Male, 31)


Nowadays, it’s very easy to find good content on pretty much any site. Although you will find it, some sites allow you to find that much faster. This site was one of those better sites. Everything you need is right there on the main page. You have shows, search features and few other things that are not as much important.
I think that the first thing that amazed me was the number of online models. Everybody likes to see lots of models online because you have multiple choices when it comes to finding some show. I’m not exactly sure about the number, but there were more than 500 of them most definitely. A counter that shows the number of online models would be useful on a site like this one.
If you were like me, then you maybe didn’t know from where to start on this site. Should you check out some shows to see what happens, or should you go to a private show right away? I decided to check out what a site offers because I didn’t want to spend some money before knowing what I am getting into.
Every model that was online had both free and private shows. You can open either one of them, but why shouldn’t you start with a free one because it is free? You can see the video quality in there and you can see how a model looks like. Besides that, you won’t get any action. Tipping is not available and I get the part why models don’t do anything in free shows.
You can select a show randomly which is not a smart thing to do, or you can use features that can narrow the search. I started off with categories because that was the first thing I noticed. It didn’t take me long to realize that there is something much better. The advanced search is one of the best things I ever used because I could select multiple tags at once and end up with much better result than with any other feature. After using each feature, you can arrange models in some order. You can look at top rated models first or new ones.
Before going to a private show, I check out what the store offers. I needed at least some credits to see 1 minute of a private show. There were 5 packages and you could buy some pretty nice packages. The cheapest one offers 18 credits for 21 EUR. That’s little over 1 EUR per credit which is nice for calculating. If you buy expensive packages, you get a small discount, but it’s nothing special really. 1 credit costs little over 1 EUR in each case. However, with bigger packages, you get bonus credits and that’s nice.
Like anywhere else, you could find different private shows. There are regular ones and there are VibraToy shows. Each private show is usually different. Some models will do more than others and that is nothing strange really. The best shows were with models who wanted to do more than just take off the clothes. There is no point in paying for girls to get naked because you can see that for free and pretty much any site. The real deal is in shows in which models use sex toys. There is nothing better than a model who knows how to handle a big dildo. VibraToy shows are basically only with sex toys. There is a vibrator in her pants most of the time. The more money you spend, the more will that dildo work.
Shows also have different prices. Some of them can cost around per minute, but some shows can cost up to per minute or more. I am not sure in the quality of those expensive shows because I didn’t check them, but they can either be good or just overpriced. The average price and the price most models ask for is around per minute.
The video quality was much better than on most live cam sites. All shows were in full HD or even better. On top of that, there were no lags, problems with the internet connection or anything like that. I could just lay back and enjoy each show without being interrupted.
One more thing about this site. It works on a phone. I didn’t do much on it, but it looked like a version for a PC.


Prices were affordable in most cases. All shows were in HD or even better quality. Shows can be very good. It’s easy to find anything here because of features.


A counter that shows how many models are online would be good. Online and offline models are next to each other while you are looking for shows.


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