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Date: June 8, 2017

Written by: John (Male, 22)


I didn’t think twice when I first entered this site. I just knew that this was exact copy of a However, that is not what I would consider a bad thing because is one of the best live cam shows that there is. I like that this site doesn’t have bright background. Because of my poor eye vision, I can stand looking at some sites that have bright background color. This site has dark blue color that makes you enjoy browsing the site. Whoever looked at the original version of this site knows that everything is in the same place. There are categories on the left site. On top of the page are few sections named ‘Favorites’ and ‘Awards’. And in the center of the page are models.
I will first talk about categorization. There are a lot of categories that can satisfy anyone. I thought that there will be just those regular ones like MILF, teen, amateur and similar, but there were those ones that are meant for people that have weird fetishes. I don’t mean weird like something is wrong with them, but I mean like that not many of people look at that stuff.
If you like some model, you can always save it and look at it again. By clicking on the little hearth below model’s profile picture, you will put that model in the ‘Favorites’ tab and you can go there and look at that same model any time you want.
One more section that is on the top of the page is ‘Awards’. By going there, you will see top 100 models and you can vote for one of them that you thing it is the best among all. I wasn’t surprised that this section exists because I have already seen it on few sites so this is not new to me. Still, it is really good that they let viewers decide which one is the best and that model gets reward for that.
When you decide to select some model, you can do it in few ways. First, you can sort them by their rating, time spent on the site and by their name. There is one more way that can arrange them and that is to look at more models at once or look at fewer models at once. This doesn’t matter that much like the first arrangement.
There are two types of shows. You can look at free ones and private ones. Let’s talk about free ones first. Before selecting one model, you can see some of her information below her profile picture like age and rating. After entering the show, you can scroll down a little bit and see her full biography. And that is not all. You can also see some photos from her previous shows you can have a clue what she does when she is online. After looking at all this, you can finally watch live show. Girl I have selected was really special. She was really cute and smoking hot. I won’t lie anyone. I have picked her because her boobs were just too perfect. The moment I have entered the show, her big boobs flashed me and I was left speechless. And that was just the beginning. She started dancing a little and rubbing some parts of her body, but I stayed focused on one thing, and that was her boobs. I just could leave it at that. I had to take a peek in private show.
This is when premium account comes in handy. Before going to the private show, you have to create a premium account. It really doesn’t take much time. I have just typed in some of my information and I was ready to look at hot girls. Prices aren’t that high in my opinion. I think they are really affordable. The very private show is breath taking. I was really amazed what I saw in free show, but this was something new. I can say that this is experience that I will remember for a long time. What that girl did was impossible in my mind. But I was mistaken, and I am glad I know that those things can be done.
I got carried away with girls and almost forgot that there are two more sections, boys and trannies. Now, I am not into those two, but I will say something about them. The arrangement is the same. There are just few differences. In these two sections, some of the categories are empty. I get that there aren’t as many trannies as girls, but I still think that there shouldn’t be categories that have none models inside. Same goes for boys. Although there are more boys than trannies, there are few categories that are empty there. Shows of these two sections are same quality like the girls. I won’t go into specific because I didn’t stay long enough to know everything that there is about it.


This site has a lot of models, girls, boys and even trannies. Almost every model is perfect. I can say that i would wish that some of those girls were mine. Great organization of almost everything. You can find anything you are searching for really easy.


I can say that only weakness of this site is that it is a copy of It's not that this site is bad, but it isn't original.


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