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Date: December 2, 2017

Written by: Alfred (Male, 28)


I had a lot of free time recently so i decided to check out some live cam sites. In a last few days, i saw more than 5 sites and i noticed something strange. All those sites were pretty much the same. You can clearly see that the design is the same and everything is placed on the same place. I usually don't have anything against that because if something is good, you should keep it that way. However, on the other hand, there should always be something original on each site. I heard about this site some time ago and you can see that it truly is original. There are pictures of the best models changing on the main page so you can see something else than just live shows.
One of the first things i like to do is check the number of online models. I wasn’t worried about not seeing many models here and i thought right. There were around 1000 them online and that was quite enough. Maybe even too much for my taste because it makes it a little harder to find someone.
When there are this many models, it’s much harder to find someone specific. Scrolling through the main page just seems pointless. There are pages and pages of them and you will just lose your time. Luckily, there are some useful features here. The best one is the filter or the advanced search. I could select around 10 tags at once and the search was narrowed down to a lot less models. After using it, i could sort models out by their name or by rating. Besides this feature, there were a couple categories available, but i didn't want to use that because it seemed pointless again. Of course, you can also search for one model by her screen name but you have to know one at first.
The best thing so far is free shows. Every model had them. You could easily check out the quality of a show without paying for anything first. I didn’t even need an account to do that. However if you were there listed as a guest you would just be ignored. Creating an account takes a couple moment only and it is free.
You won’t see much in free shows but you can find out something useful in there. If you don’t want to look at models profile you can ask her pretty much anything. You can find out the price of a private show and what that model likes to do. If you don’t like it, you can simply move to someone else.
Before even starting a private show, you need credits. The store has 5 packages and you can buy something affordable for beginning. The price of 1 credit is around 1 EUR and that is not so expensive. If you buy bigger packages, you get a small discount. For bigger packages, you get free credits right away. The cheapest package is 21 EUR and it gives you 18 credits.
Prices of private shows vary usually. Some shoes can cost per minute and some can cost per minute. The average price is around per minute and most models charge you that amount. All shows are different. Some models will do more than others. That is one of reasons why the price varies. However if the show is expensive it doesn’t mean it is the best one. That also means cheap shows are not bad. Some models will even include sex toys in their shows and that costs a little more than usually. If that models is in a good mood or something, you maybe get to enjoy some foreplay as well.
There are VIP shows here. these shows cost a bit more than other because there are almost no limits there. Everyone who donates money to a model gets to watch that show. these shows offer you pretty much anything you can think off, but you never know exactly what until you get in one of them.
The video quality here is pretty good. All shows were in HD and that is the best thing. They were also in fluid motion and you can’t get better than that. Some shows were equipped with remote controlled cameras. Models could zoom in and out at any moment.
The site works well on a phone also. Everything was the same like on a pc. I just didn’t get used to a smaller screen than on a computer.


Affordable shows. Good video quality. Many models online. The site works on a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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