CameraBoys - Amazing site worth spending every cent


Date: June 22, 2017

Written by: Bert (Male, 18)


For all these years spent on these kinds of sites, I have never seen something good as this. Before saying anything else about this site, everyone should know that there are gays and there are straight guys. That is fine with me as long as they are smoking hot as always. This site has a dark blue background color that just makes you relaxed and you want to keep looking further on this site. There is nothing too bright here that will distract you from looking at hot models. Even though this site is really familiar when it comes to its design, I just couldn’t care less because it was really good. What is the point of changing something good into something new that no one would like? Enough of the small talk, let’s get down to the business.
Like always, models are on the center of the page, right where they should be. There are more ways to sort them before going further. You can look at more models at once or you can look at fewer models. The difference is that you get to see their profile pictures much smaller or much bigger. It really depends what you want to see.
Now that you know how to sort them, it comes the time to look for some model specifically. There are lots of ways to do that and let’s start with categories. They are placed on the left side of the page and they can’t be missed. There are about 20 categories and I think that that is more than enough. You can find usually categories that are on most of the sites, but there are few categories that are for those who are into kinkier stuff. Last thing that can be also used to find your model is to sort them by their rating. You can chose if you want to look at top rated models first or not. Also there is an option to make them arrange in alphabetical order.
One thing that will later be of use to you is a section on top of the page that gives you ‘free credits’. They are free, but they are not actually free. To get those free credits, you have to buy something first. They are kind of a bonus to something. Let’s say you buy 20 credits, you get 2 more, and you get the point.
Also, one more thing that is pretty cool is that you can see top 100 models in one place and you also get to vote for the one that is the best among all.
Finally, let’s talk about these shows. Before opening one of them, you get to see some information below the profile picture like model’s age and its rating. That is just the small thing that maybe has some use to you. When you open the show, there is a live stream and next to it is a chat. That chat is really good because every model actually responds to you. I haven’t seen that even one model just ignored my text. Video quality is something that doesn’t even have to be mentioned. It is the best one. You can see every detail clearly. Below live stream, there is more information about that model like what he likes and how he looks like. I mean, when that is below the live stream, there is no need to know how he looks like. You have already seen it. And the last thing here is that there are some photos from previous photo shoots so you get to see this same model from the best angles. The show itself is something that will just blow your mind. You get to see some smoking hot guy in its underwear and that is all in free show. You don’t have to pay anything for that. If you are patient like me, spend some time with him and talk about what he is ready to do. There is a private show that offers you to see all that. Before going there, you have to create an account and then put some credits on it. That is why I mentioned these credits before. Better to get some free credits if you are buying already. It is not that expensive to enjoy some time in the private show, but I didn’t want to push it. I was satisfied with just few minutes.


I haven't seen these much guys in one place. I am actually impressed. They are arranged perfectly. I didn't have any problems with finding the one I was looking for. The background color is not too bright and not too dark. It is just perfect.


The design of this site was really familiar, but I didn't mind that really.


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