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Date: June 7, 2017

Written by: Jane (Female, 26)


Ok, when I opened this site, I was actually amazed with how it was designed. First thing that I have noticed was three sections on the top of the page. Those sections are ‘Gay cam’, ‘Webcam boys’ and ‘Gay couple cam’. So with that being said, there is something for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are a gay guy or a straight girl, you will find everything. I really liked the blue background color. It made it pleasant to browse through the site. To make things much easier, there is a search engine on the top of the page. It is really easy to use. Just type in what you want to see and everything that contains that will pop up. Now, besides those three sections that I have mentioned before, there are also categories for each one of those sections. And they are actually divided so you can find what you are looking for. What I meant with that is that the categories that sort models by their skin color are separated from those which sort them by their age. Like on many other sites, there is a section on top of the page that is dedicated to the models. It is named ‘awards’ and by going there, you will see top 100 models and you can be the one who decides who is the best among all of them.
This site isn’t like many others when it comes to this one thing. You can look at any show without creating an account first. Of course, there are shows that are free and there are private shows that require you to give some money. To create an account, all you need to do is enter you information and real credit card information. You won’t get charged before you want to put some money on the account and even if you do spend some money, there won’t be traces that you have spent that money on this site.
When it comes to the very show, all I can say are good things. First thing I will talk about is the quality of the show. Video quality is very high. You can see all of the little details without struggling to find out what something is. The second quality that I want to point out is performance. It was really one of a kind show. These guys are ready to do almost anything. Of course, it depends if they are straight or gay when it comes to doing nasty things. Straight guys won’t do something that a gay guy would do. However, there are gay couples that are pretty much ready to do anything you would ask for.
The private show isn’t that expensive in my opinion. Maybe I am mistaken, but that is what I think. There is always a difference between free and a premium show. No one would do everything in a free show. That means they would stream for free. That’s why they tease you in free show to make you enter the private one. That is when the magic happens. You can fulfill all of your wishes that you were afraid to tell anyone.
The last thing that I will mention is one more way of sorting models. When you click on some category, you will see every male model that there is. But, what you won’t see there is if that model is online or not. That is when this last way of sorting comes in. It is located on the bottom of the page and by clicking that yellow button, you get to see all of the online models in one of those three sections.


There are a lot of guys on this site. They are even divided in three sections so you know if they are gay or not. There are also gay couples that i haven't seen anywhere before. Categories on this site are arranged perfectly. You won't see color of the models mixed with their age. The last good thing i will mention is the quality of shows. Performances are one of a kind and the video quality is also very high.


In my opinion, this site has non weaknesses, but that is only what i think.


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