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Date: June 28, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 18)


Opening this site brought me a lot of new things that I haven’t seen before. There were new updates, live shows, photo albums and even videos. What I find one of the most important things here is how to find the right model. This site has filter that lets you select a lot of things connected to one model and every model that has that selected thing will pop up. Every filter works like that, but not every site has them.
Section with new updates and news is something that no other site has. I have seen some types of shows that are new and now, I can watch them too. There were also some models that are top rated and they indeed are worth being on top of the page.
This site more than 27000 hosts and there are at least 100 online at any moment. There are few types of shows and it depends which host is ready to do what show. There are free shows, private ones and happy hour. Every model has photo gallery and short biography that can be seen before opening the show. I like that there is a small green dot next to each model that shows if that model is online or not.
Like anyone else, I started with the free show because you want to know what you are getting into. The free show was nothing spectacular when I opened it. Some girl was sitting on the bed in her underwear and she was just looking at the computer. No one is here for just that but none of these models will get naked and do bunch of nasty thing in the free show. If they did, there was nothing in for them. I spent few minutes in this exact free show and then the real fun began. That girl started dancing and doing a lot of hot thing that I just couldn’t contain myself. Next thing I was ready to do is click that ‘Go to private chat’ button but I couldn’t do that immediately.
The private shows are not free so I had to create an account and buy some credits. It just took some time and I needed to select which package I will take. There were 3 offers and you could buy 25, 50 or 100 credits for 25, 50 or 100 dollars. First offer was fine for me because other were a bit much for me.
There was some minimum amount of credits that I needed to have before entering the show because I had to stay there for at least 2 minutes. I think that I minute was about 2 credits. It wasn’t that much. Compared to other sites, it is the same price or even cheaper.
Everything that this model didn’t want to do in free show, she did all that in private show. I got to see her naked immediately and she started doing a lot of thing that I wanted to see for some time. Credits really go away really fast when you get into the show, and soon enough, you are out of credits and you have to leave. However, I left this place happier than ever.
Videos are also good thing to look here. There are none of those short video clips that also need to be paid. Most of these videos are about 30 minutes long and to look at one of them, you have to pay 3 credits for each.


This site has more models than I have expected. There are about 27000 models registered on the site and about 100 models are online at one moment. Video quality of every video is better than on most sites. There were no shows that had some delay or lag in them. Prices are lower than expected. Videos cost 3 credits, shows are 2 credits per minute and 1 credit goes for .


There is nothing that bad on this site. I would only change the design a little bit because it is mainstream and there is nothing spectacular about it.


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