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Date: September 1, 2017

Written by: Mac (Male, 24)


When you open a site that has only transsexual models, you don’t expect much actually and because of that, I was surprised like never before. Even though this site has only around 70 models online at most times, all those models are pretty good. This site has a few thousands registered models and in my opinion, there should be much more online models. Navigating on the side is pretty easy because all the things you need are on the main page. Models here are so hot that I wasn’t sure if I actually on only Trans site.
You can start you search for some model pretty easy here because there are many features that can help you out with that. The best one is the advanced search in my opinion. You can select multiple tags at the same time and after you are finished with using the filter, you will have a lot less models on the display. Searching for a model can be done by model’s screen name, but you probably won’t know any name if you are on the side for the first time. There is also one more filter available, but you can only select one tag at the time and there is no need for that one if you already have the advanced search.
If you worry that you will enter a show that you don’t like and you will spend money that you didn’t want, well you shouldn’t. Every model has a free show available for every user. All you have to do is create a free account and after that, you can start looking at shows. There is nothing spectacular in these free shows because none modes are ready to get naked for free. The best thing you can do in the free show is to ask all the things you want to know. Find out everything about the private show and if you like the model, you can go further and if not, just skip to the next model without paying a cent previously. Every model has a profile with useful information so you can also read something before the show if you want.
When it comes to the private show, you can expect almost anything. Not all models are ready to do the same things, but most of them will comply with most of your wishes. The price doesn’t vary that much and from what I learned, the average price is around or per minute. Keep in mind that the price doesn’t have anything with the quality of the show. Some shows are overrated and you don’t need to pay a lot of money for a regular show.
The video quality here is pretty good. Most shows I opened were in HD and some of them were in medium quality. The movement was fluid in almost every show I opened. It is pretty nice to see that most models now are pushing towards the best video quality that exists. I ran upon just a few shows that had cameras that can be controlled with a remote control during a live stream. This feature is pretty useful because models can zoom in on some nice parts at any moment.
Using this site can be done on the phone also. All you need to have is a working Android phone or an iPhone and you are set to go. Shows loaded pretty fast and there were no problems with the lag in any of shows I opened. It was just a little harder to navigate through the site because I had a much smaller screen than on a pc.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store offers just 3 packages. There are no discounts on bigger purchase so there is no need to rush things. The price of 1 credit is and the least amount you can buy is 25 credits.
Besides live shows, this site also has recorded videos and photo galleries. Some of these videos and photos are free and most of them need to be paid for first. The price of 1 video is usually 3 credits, but sad thing about this is that the video becomes available only for 1 hour after purchasing it and you can’t even download it.


Many amazing features are available. Most models were pretty good in their shows. Prices are affordable in most cases. You can watch recorded videos. Useful search features are on this site.


Videos are available for only 1 hour after purchasing it. Not so many models are online.


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