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Date: June 8, 2017

Written by: Jonathan (Male, 34)


I didn’t want to mention this in the title, but this site is a copy of I can say that because the arrangement of everything is the same. That site is well-known and you just can miss the similarities. But, let’s forget that and talk about this site even though it is almost the same. First thing I will mention is background color. It is not bright and it is not to dark. I can say that it is perfect. Nice purple background with a mix of pink color is what fits this site perfectly. You can look at everything with pleasure and not squeeze your eyes because the bright color hurts them or try to find something in the really dark area.
Categories are on the left side of the page. They can’t be missed and there are a lot more categories than I have expected. You can find anything that you like in one of these categories. When you do pick some category, you can arrange those models on the way you like it. You can decide if you want to look at more models at once or look at fewer models but they will have bigger profile picture so you can see how they look like. Next good thing is that you can actually select which models will show up first. You can pick if you want to look at new models, the ones with the best rating or just arrange them by their name. This site lets you do almost anything you want.
There is a section dedicated to the models. It is named ‘Awards’ and it is on the top of the page. By going there, top 100 models will pop up and you can vote for one of them. There is a counter and when it runs out of the time, model with the most votes will be awarded with something, I think. Next to that section is a button named ‘Favorites’. I really like that because it offers you to select one of the models and she will pop up there. That means that you can at any moment look at her show again, without remembering her name or something else. To select some model, all I had to do was click on the small hearth below her profile picture.
Let’s get to the amazing shows. I had some doubts about some models, but there were few helpful things that would let me know something about some model. Below her profile picture is her rating and her age. So you can know what you are about to watch. After picking one model, new window opened and there were a lot of new things. First thing I have seen is the model and new to that is a chat. You can chat with her even though you are there as a free user. This one girl I have picked because of her looks on the profile picture kind of disappointed me. She was sitting on her bed, doing nothing. But that is not that bed. She was actually wearing clothes that covered almost every part of her body. How am I supposed to go little further with her if I don’t know what am I about to pay? I decide to give it another chance and I have picked some other model. This one was what I was looking for. She was kind of jumping on her bed and was wearing tight sexy underwear. But that is not what amazed me the most. She had one of the prettiest faces I have ever seen. She was adorable. I couldn’t miss the chance to look at more of her. That is the moment I have decided to create a premium account and go into private show.
Creating premium account is a piece of cake. It is like almost every other site where you have to sign up. Just type in some of your information and credit card information and you are ready for new adventures.
Private show was actually what I was hoping for. The clothes weren’t on her anymore. I had asked to do few things that I have always wanted to see a girl do and she did them. I left that show with a big smile on my face and I didn’t lose much money. Prices are average in my opinion. Not too high and not too low. All I can say is that this girl was worth every cent.
There are also sections with boys and trannies. I have looked a little there because I was curious what they look like and I wasn’t disappointed. I mean, just looking at their profile pictures isn’t the same as looking at the show. So let’s leave it that most of these models were really hot. I couldn’t bring myself into opening one of these shows because I’m only into girls and I didn’t want to see something that will be in my mind forever.


Big number of models. There aren't just girls, but there are also boys and even trannies. Video resolution of every shows is high, and that is what it is all about. No one would look at low quality show. Performances were also amazing. These models really know how to tease their fans.


Even though this site is what most of the porn lovers are searching for, this site is a copy of It is just slightly modified.


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