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Date: July 20, 2017

Written by: Pirke (Male, 33)


If the name didn’t give it away, I will. This site is only with shemale models. There aren’t many sites like this one so everything here is mostly great. I had few awful experiences where the live show site wasn’t actually live. This site isn’t like that, so it is really live. The design of the site is really simple so you can get around the site really easy. It is really easy to use because there are no useless features that can only bother you. After signing up on the site, you get unlimited access to shows and you can see that there are about 60 models online at most hours.
Browsing the pages is now much easier because of the advanced search engine. You can filter models with many different tags at the same time. You can choose things like body type, hair color, age and things similar to that. Based on a few models from the main page, I think that most of these models are Asian. After checking a few different shows, I got a feeling that the camera quality was average. There are some HD shows that are better than other shows, but that is still not really good. However, there are also some shows that are marked as HD, but the video is blurry and the picture is not fluid.
Like on most sites, you have free and private chats and shows. You can check out free shows for free actually before deciding if you want to spend some money or not. The private shows are great here because models are ready to do much more things that on the sites. There are two types of private shows here. You can go in a public private show where many other fans can join you. There is a better version of the private chat when you go alone in the private shows and no one can join you two. The second private show costs more money than the first one.
The price of private shows varies everywhere, but there are some affordable shows and there are some shows that are0 really expensive. Shows are paid with credits and the price of 50 credits is . The public private show costs 2 credits for 1 minute and the show with only you two costs 6 credits per minute. After calculating that, the public show costs for 1 minute and the alone private show costs per minute. These prices are not cheap, but they are really worth the money spent on them.
All these performers have a profile where you can find some pictures of them and a short biography. Finding out stuff like what they like and what they have is in a visible place. When you go into the private show, most of these performers will ask you if you have a camera also because cam2cam is also available here. They like it more when they can look at you while fulfilling your dirty wishes.
Accessing the site is available with all mobile phones. You can also use a table, iPod, and iPad to browse the site. You can find a bunch of videos here with hardcore shemale porn and regular videos like striptease and masturbation. The price of videos also varies, but the average price is 3 credits for one video. However, when you unlock a video, the video becomes available for exactly 1 hour.


Great search options. The filter allows me to select more things at once when searching for the model. There are enough models online and all kinds of shows can be found. Recorded videos are available for the average price. The design is simple and it is easy to use.


Prices are really high. Recorded videos are cheap, but they are available for only 1 hour and when you look it at that way, they are expensive.


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