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Date: June 16, 2017

Written by: George (Male, 24)


On the first look at the site, I would say that everything is placed like it should be. Main content is on the center of the page and categories are on the left side. Now, I mind that the background color is white. These kinds of sites should have a background color that makes your stay here much more pleasant. White color makes me unfocused and it kind of hurts my eyes because I have bad eye sight and anything that is bright is making me feel bad. So let’s start with the design of the site. On the top of the site is a section that lets you create an account or log in. There are two kinds of accounts. You can create a free account that lets you look at some shows, but not all of them. And there are premium ones that let you look at everything on the site.
Categorization is like it should be. There are categories that are most searched like MILF and teen. But there are also categories that are new to me and they bring new kind of experience. Each category has a number next to it and it shows how much models are in that category. Besides the categorization, you can also sort models by their rating, nudity and time spent on the site. But that is not all. You can also select where they from are and what language do they speak. So all this just makes it impossible for you to not find one model that you like.
Time to talk about the shows. Before opening a show, you can see some information about the model. Her age is below her picture. Now, the show is something else. Most of these models are really hot. The one I have selected was really pretty. She was sitting in her bedroom and kind of pointed the camera onto her big boobs. I couldn’t stop staring at them. However, that was not enough for me to go to the private show. I needed a little more to be convinced that she is worth my money. After some time, there was some really amazing action and I started the private show. Like I said before, you need the premium account to access this show. That means that you need to pay for this show. Price was not that high in my opinion. So that’s a good start. The difference between free show and this one was that the model was ready to do much more things. Those things just left me speechless. I can say only the best things about this model.
Besides the girls, there are also guys and transsexuals. There are much less of them than the girls. I kind of understand that, but I would like to see a site that has all models equally. I didn’t look at these shows but I think they are the same quality like the previous ones.


There are a lot of models from each gender. Quality of videos is really high so you can see every detail perfectly. Great organization. Everything can be found easily.


Background color is white. That is not the right color for this kind of site. I would go with something much darker.


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