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Date: June 20, 2017

Written by: Milos (Male, 23)


When I first opened this site, I had this feeling that I have seen something similar to this. It didn’t take much time to realize it was really similar to but I didn’t care about that because everything about that site is good. So I will start talking about usual things that most of people are focusing on.
I don’t know why but I focus on background every time I open any site. Maybe because I have bad eye sight and anything that is too bright is making my eyes hurt. That maybe just some poor excuse but never mind. Bigger part of this website was in dark blue color. I immediately liked that because it wasn’t too bright and it wasn’t too dark. It was just perfect. That is not all. Some other sections were colored in a little brighter blue color so they were found pretty easily. Other than that, there is nothing else about background.
Next thing I need to mention are categories. I know, every site has categories but not all of them are good. This site for example has its categories placed right where they should be. They are easily found and they are just next to the shows. And these categories are not some drop list that some sites have. They are aligned one below other and there is nothing hard about using them. There were a lot more categories than I have expected. But I want to say that because there are more than just girl, there are guys and trannies, categories are different in each of these sections. Like, you can’t find category ‘big cock’ in sections where girls are. That would be just ridiculous. Besides this was of selecting models, you can use the well-known method and that is to sort them by their popularity or by the name. You can also choose if you want to look at more models at once or you want to look at just few models at one time. It is all really up to you.
I noticed that there are some sections on top of the page that I didn’t know what were for. There were ‘favorites’ and ‘awards’. Later I found out that you can select some model to be at favorites and you can find her easily again without searching for her. Awards sections is filled with only the best models. There are top 100 models on this site and you can be the one who select which one of them is the best.
Now, time to mention these shows. You can actually see how old is the model and what is her rating before even opening the show. There are more information in the show about the model like what she likes, her boobs size and things like that. Let’s say that I think that I have selected just the perfect model for me. I thought that those models who are like 20 years old or near that will be a little shy so I aimed for the ones that are 25+. This one girl was absolutely amazing. She was sitting on her bed in some pink underwear and how boobs almost fell out. I have seen that I can talk with her so I did. I found out what she is ready to do in free show and what in private one. I also looked at some photos below the show from her previous shows. I just couldn’t resist taking her to the private show.
First thing I did was create an account and I immediately went to the private show. Her underwear was not there anymore in the private show. I didn’t want to push the limit but I saw that girl do everything I asked for. I don’t know how can someone leave this place unsatisfied.
Like I said before, there are more than just girls. Everything is pretty much the same but like on any other site, you will find a lot less guys and trannies than girls. I never knew why that is like that but I didn’t care much because I am only into straight girls.


I don't know if i have seen a site with this much models. There are girls, guys, trannies and there are a lot of them all. They are perfectly organized so i didn't have any problems with finding them. Quality of each video was absolutely amazing. I didn't need to look hard to see some important details.


Even that this site is a copy of, I don't think that there is anything bad about it.


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