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Date: October 5, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 40)


When you get used to seeing noting in most shows that are free on live cam sites, you won’t expect to see something like on this site. Models here don’t have any boundaries and they aren’t shy at all. The site counts around 120 models at most times and I checked that out multiple times and it was really true. The site has more than 5000 registered models which isn’t a small number. The design look a little bit outdated in my opinion, but it is pretty easy to navigate on the site. The main page doesn’t have much in a visible place. You can find shows, some tags and a couple of more things and that is pretty much it.
When I mentioned those tags, well, that is the only feature that can help you to find some model. There is no advanced search or categories on this site which makes it harder to find some show. If I saw right, there are more than 50 tags and you can find all kinds of things with those things, but that still gives you not so good result. There are some advanced options available, but that is only available for premium members. Still, there are a couple of things that are missing from this site.
I was kind of disappointed when I saw that there weren’t many features available, but show made up for everything. I was expecting to see a model that is lying on the bed and doing nothing, but I was wrong. Most models I selected were already naked and they were at least masturbating. They weren’t shy at all and they were ready to do pretty much anything. Free shows allow you to chat with the model with a free chat window and that is kind of useful. Usually, I would ask a lot of things about a private show, but this time, you could ask model to do something you want. You don’t even have to spend money or have an account to be in there. If you don’t have any problems with enjoying in the show because of other users, than you will have a lot of fun. I asked myself why would someone do all that for free, but I saw that most users were tipping the model with a lot of money. They actually made a lot more than in a private show in my opinion. If you don’t want to tip the model, you won’t get to say anything in the show and if you are good with that, then you will have a lot of fun.
Private shows are also available, but I didn’t see any point in them if models did all this in the free show. However, it was still worth checking out because I just couldn’t leave it be. Most models are overcharging their private shows and that kind of sucks. The price of a private show goes from per minute to more than per minute. Most models are charging around or more per minute and that was too expensive for me. I still enter a show just for a couple of minutes and the only difference was that you were almost alone in there. If you have problems with being in the same room with more people, then the private show is probably perfect for you. I didn’t have that much money and I have nothing against other users. That is only better because they can pay for more things than me and I enjoy the whole show almost for free.
The video quality varies from the show to the next one. Usually, models have a pretty good camera, but you can find models with not so perfect camera. The most important thing is that every show is in fluid motion. Many models here were amateur ones and it can be clearly seen that they are streaming from their home. However, I found a couple of professional models also and there were a big difference between them all.
It doesn’t matter if you are a girl, guy, lesbian or gay, you can find anything you want here. This site offers guys, straight and gay, girls, couple, trannies and all that can be for free. Couples are usually the ones who have sex or something like that in their shows and that was kind of the best type of the show for me.
Version of this site for a phone works pretty nice, but there are some issues. You can’t expect to see everything work just like on a pc. Filtering models on the page is having some issues on a phone version and that kind of sucks. Besides that, everything else is pretty good.


Enough models are online at most hours. Free shows can be even better than private shows. The video quality is usually good.


Private shows are too expensive in most cases. Search features suck on this site.


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