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Date: June 17, 2017

Written by: Mark (Male, 28)


Opening this site for the first time, I have seen nothing but already well known design. Models were on the center of the page and categories were above them. I like this design and there is no need to change it because everything can be found easily. Besides the design, there is one more thing that I always look at and that is background color. This time, instead of being some dark color, it was bright white. White color just doesn’t seem like a perfect color fir this site. I would prefer something like blue, red or black. This is just a small thing, but it could actually improve site much more.
This site has free shows, but there is also a premium account that lets you go to the private shows. I will say this about premium accounts now. It takes just few minutes to create them and after that, you have unlimited access to all shows on this site. But I won’t talk about that first, but I will mention free shows first.
I was kind of amazed when I actually show that you don’t need to pay for regular shows. But that is not all. I expected to see a girl in her underwear sitting on the bed and doing nothing. But this time, I was wrong. Few girls I have looked at were completely naked and they weren’t just sitting around. One of them was sucking a big cock while the other girl ramming a long dildo inside her tight shaved cunt. I didn’t know what to say. If all that was shown in free show, what could I see in private one? This time, I didn’t even consider not going into the private show.
I didn’t create premium account before because I didn’t know what I was about to see, but now, I knew that I needed to do that. Like I said before, this just took few minutes and I was ready to go to the private show after donating some money on the account.
Before talking about the private show, I will say that there is one more thing that can be done in free show and that is to donate a token to the model. That is something like tip. I have seen people do that and that model just started getting nastier and nastier. I liked that really much and I just couldn’t wait to see more.
Finally, the private show. You need to know that private show isn’t just for one person. Anyone who gives money to model can enter that show. In this type of show, boundaries have changed. I mean, even what she did in free show was amazing, but this stuff here was mind blowing. I didn’t ask for much and I got more than I wanted. I just can’t express my feelings with words so yeah, I would come back to this show any time.
I want to say that this was all about girls. But there are also guys, couples and transsexuals. I got carried away with girls to almost forget about other sections. There are actually much less guys and trannies than the girls. Male shows were actually what I thought it would be. He was sitting on the chair or bed and was jerking of his cock. Kind of expected and I don’t mind that because what can guy do besides that? Couples are actually the best kinds of shows. There is nothing better than seeing guy and girl getting it off. Either she is sucking his dick, or he is banging her like crazy. I still can’t believe that all this is in free show. I didn’t go to private shows in these shows because I got already enough before but I will next time try out couples because that is something else.
When I mentioned categories before, I didn’t say almost anything about them. They are not like usually one below other. They are right above the shows and they are marked with #. There are not much of them but there are regular categories that can please most of the guys and there are ones that are for those who are into nasty stuff.


This site has a lot of its strengths. There are a lot of models. Not just girls like usually but there are couples, guys and transsexuals. All shows are free and they are not just about a model sitting and doing nothing. There were almost no limits in the free shows and private shows are what everyone is looking for. I like the organization of almost everything on the site.


One and only bad thing i will say is that the background is white and not something much darker that would make your stay better.


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