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Date: May 8, 2017

Written by: Nico (Male, 29)


When I first heard about this site, I didn't believe that such a thing was possible, meaning that there are cam shows in VR. Well, luckily, my belief was not grounded and I was proven wrong the very moment I visited AliceX. From the hot girls to the unbelievably arousing cam shows, this website has got it all and you can safely say that it is the best VR cam site around. Even though I am not aware if there are any other VR webcam sites out there (if you know of some, please let me know in the comments), I still claim that it is the best. The experience that I’ve had on this site cannot be compared to anything else. It is well worth every single penny you pay for it. But, I got ahead of myself for a bit there. Let me try and explain how everything works on this site.

There is a list of VR devices which you can use on this site. All you have to do is visit the web browser on your device that is compatible with your VR device (I might have made it complicated a bit, but it is not complicated at all, actually) and you are good to go. There is no need to install any kind of an application or anything like that. It is just your browser, your VR device and you. Now, be aware that some browsers won’t work with this site. All of this is indicated in the site’s FAQ, so if you need additional information you can always read what is written on that page. So, you’ve hook up your VR device and visited AliceX, now what? Well, find a girl that you like and let the fun begin.

When it comes to babes, they are really hot and they are able to deliver amazing cam shows. The fact that they are doing this in VR only adds to the arousal factor during their shows. It is quite fascinating watching their shows actually. You are there. You are in the room with them. And the only thing missing is the ability to touch them. As well as smell their perfumes. Other than that, their shows are highly immersive. I mean, cam shows are immersive on their own, but once you add VR into the mix the immersion levels skyrocket. So, yeah, the girls are hot and they have amazing cam skills. There is an issue with the amount of them available. But, you should understand that this technology is quite new (and expensive!), so it is only natural that there wouldn’t be that many girls available at any given time. Still, it is not like you will not be able to find a babe that you like and have fun with her. You just might have to wait a bit.

I have purposely skipped the talk about prices. While some of you might consider this a bit expensive, you should take into the account that the VR gear needed for VR cam shows to happen is expensive. In fact, I wonder how they are able to deliver cam shows at this low of a cost. I have noticed that they are adding new girls from time to time. So, yeah, the site is expanding and I am sure that at one point it will have more than enough cam models to sustain a huge membership base. Be that as it may, I am quite certain that at some point in the near future this website will take off and take over the cam industry. In fact, I could bet all of my savings on it. I understand that some people will not like this website as much as I like it. That’s fine, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. But, I am also sure that most people will enjoy this more than regular cam shows. It is new, fresh, and exciting. Anyway, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I adore AliceX and I would recommend it to all of the lovers of cam shows out there.


This site has hot cam models. The VR segment of it functions perfectly (if everything meets the requirements listed in the FAQ) and the shows are highly arousing. In my opinion this is the best VR cam website out there.


If I had to name one thing that is bad about this website, it would be the amount of webcam models available on it. Still, I am sure that this will change in the future.


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