X Love Cam - A Unique Site In A Sea Of Similarity!


Date: April 6, 2017

Written by: Tim (Male, 34)


I really have to commend people who made X Love Cam. Instead of opting for going already known girls and already seen website design, they decided to make something new and entirely different from the industry's standard. One of the main (if not THE MAIN) reasons I am writing this review is because I want for more people to know about X Love Cam. It is simply a great site. Of course, it is not without drawbacks. One of them would be that they claim to have HD cams, when, in fact, their cams could be called HQ at best. But, what they lack in the quality of video streams, they certainly make up for in the quality of models. These darlings are simply fantastic and most of them are willing to go a bit further during their free live shows. Yes, just like on every other cam site, public shows are free on X Love Cam. Also, you should know that this site doesn’t have any studio models or some classy models you can find on every other site. These are amateur babes – but, they are also aware of the fact that this job helps them survive. Once the performers are well aware that by seducing their clients they will get more money and be able to buy nice things for themselves, the shows on webcam sites like this one drastically improve in quality.

I almost forgot to mention that this website features videos of previous cam shows. Yes, there is a videos section on here and it is pretty darn nice. As I’ve already said, the design of this website is pretty unique. With many of the cam sites nowadays trying to copy the leaders in the webcam industry, it is really nice to see some websites who decide to walk their own path without imitating anything at all. Sure, everything is pretty much standard – you have all membership related things in the upper right corner of the site, a list of online chicks (WITH IMAGES) below it, and to the right of that list the advanced search options. There are tons of things which you can choose while searching for a chick and that is pretty nice. But, enough about the design and other technicalities – it’s time to talk about girls!

Girls, girls, girls everywhere! Seriously, this website has tons of babes and they are all hot in their own unique ways. Once again, the quality of their cams could be improved, but that only adds to that general atmosphere of amateur webcam shows. The way in which these babes deliver cam shows is raw, simple and pretty much straightforward. Also, when it comes to what kind of women you prefer, it doesn’t matter. This is due to the fact that this website has a great selection of chicks of every kind. Yes, there are male and transsexual models on here as well, but, no, I did not test them out. I am not into those models and I simply skipped them altogether. After all, I am not writing a professional review.

I’ve already mentioned that most of these ladies will do certain, hmmm how to put this, naughty things during their public shows. They do this, of course, in order to gain clientele. In my opinion, the main mistake that performers make on almost every other site is not trying to seduce the people viewing their shows. Look, darling, if you are just sitting there listening to music and fiddling with your phone, I have no intention of hiring you whatsoever. These girls, fortunately, do not do that. Sure, they might take a break now and then, but that is only understandable. When it comes to action, these girls try to make their shows interesting every single moment they are online. And I really appreciate that. Also, once you purchase a private show with one of them, you will be amazed at just how quickly they transition from their routines to catering to your every need. All of the things that I have mentioned in the text above make this one of the best cam websites out there.

I have skipped the talk about the prices on purpose. If you really like something, it is only natural that you will pay for it. I didn’t want this text to look like one of those professional reviews, which is also one of the reasons why I’ve skipped the money talk altogether. I think that this website is well worth your time and your money. But, naturally, that is up to you. I know I’ve enjoyed it, and I am certain that some people will too.


There are thousands of amateur cam models on here and they are all ready to provide you with an unforgettable experience, even during the free live shows. The design of this website is a breath of fresh air when it comes to cam sites.


They should definitely improve the quality of their cams. With HD cams, this site could become one of the best webcam websites out there.





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