CamContacts - A site with many models online


Date: January 25, 2018

Written by: David (Male, 18)


Where to start about this site? I don’t know really. I said that this site has lots of models online and that is true. I think that there were around 800 models online or even more. I didn’t want to count each and every model because that is pointless. You can see how many models are online in each category and you know if you have lots of models in there or not before looking for a model.
I didn’t like the look of this site one bit. Everything was white or yellow and that sucks. There was too much empty space and that just ruins the site a lot. You can’t do many things on this site really. The first thing I did was decide which models I want to look at. There were only categories here. You couldn’t find models with any other feature other than categories. There were around 10 or 15 categories and you could see all kinds of categories really. The one that surprised me the most was the non-adult category. You probably get what that category is. You have can’t see any nudity in there. At first, I though kids were in that category, but luckily, they weren’t. I didn’t like how they made this site because once I was in a category, I had to scroll through all those models. Nothing could help me out.
There were no free shows. You could only enter a free text show, but what’s the point in that? I know I didn’t want to waste my time by just chatting with a model without looking at her. I didn’t know anything about a model and maybe I was talking with some other person and I didn’t know that.
You could look at model’s profile for free. There were some pictures of here and that was it. If you wanted to go to a private show, you had to do it without pretty much any information. I wasn’t up for that at the beginning, but I wanted to see at least one show. Firstly, I had to find a model that seemed pretty nice. After that I just went to a private show.
Price of that private show was somewhere around per minute which didn’t seem that expensive. Some other shows have different prices. I think that the average price of shows is around or per minute.
This model I looked at did look great. Pictures didn’t lie about that. The show started off as a strip show. I thought I wouldn’t see more than that, but I was wrong. This model took a dildo and started playing with it. That made the show interesting right away. I just watched and enjoyed the show while I was losing my money. I didn’t even thing about the money at that moment because I was enjoying that time.
The video quality of that one shows was in medium quality. It wasn’t near HD, but it was in fluid motion. It wasn’t hard to look at it so it wasn’t that bad I guess. I didn’t expect to see better quality so I wasn’t disappointed.
There is one thing I don’t get about this site. Why is there a category Non-adult? Why would anyone come to a live came site and pay someone to talk with him? I just don’t see any point in that. If you wanted to talk with someone, you could just do that in real life for free. Other than that, everything else made point.


There were lots of models online. Prices were usually affordable.


The video quality wasn’t so good. Navigating on the site is not easy at all. There are almost none search features. Some categories don’t belong on this site. You can’t see a show in free version.


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