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Date: October 25, 2017

Written by: Leeroy (Male, 18)


When I opened this site, I saw that you can select in which view you want to look at this site. There are 3 different views and they all have their pros and cons. The first one, list view, gives you just a few models per page, but you can read something about that model without opening her profile. Next view is tiles and that gives you only a bunch of profile pictures of models and you can select one model at random just to see if that show is good or not. The best one in my opinion is the gallery view. You can see a little more shows at once and it is clearly seen if the show is free or not. There are more than 80000 registered models on this site, but only 650 of them were online when I got here.
The design looks a bit outdated for me, but this site does the trick. You can find some show that you like pretty fast and you won’t have to waste your time on something useless.
There are a couple of features on this site that allow you to search for models really fast and easy. The best one is the advanced search. You can select multiple tags at once and you will get a lot less models on the display than before. I tried this feature a couple of times and I got a pretty nice result every time. You won’t get just one mode on the display, but a group of around 50 models is pretty acceptable. You can narrow the search based on price, model’s name, age and many more things. I didn’t find categories here, but you don’t even need them after testing the advanced search.
Not all models have a free show, but most of them do. You can open one of free shows without an account and you can test the quality of the show really fast. Nothing is needed in the free show so you can just chat with the model with a free feature. You can find out a lot about some model just by talking with her. Everything you have on some model’s profile can be found out through the free show also. If you don’t like something about some model, you can just move to the next show for free.
Before starting a private show, make sure that you have enough money on your profile for at least 10 minutes in the private show. That is enough to see all kinds of things in there. Sadly, there is no counter once you are in the private show, so you can’t know how long have you been in there. You can lose a lot more money than you want if you lose track of time. The price usually varies from per minute to more than per minute, but I think that most shows are around per minute. You can get a pretty nice show of a small amount of shows if you have time to find one.
You only need one package from the store for beginning. The best package to start with is the cheapest one because you won’t spend a lot of money if you don’t like the site after all.
There are also recorded video here besides live shows. Those videos are usually recorded shows and some of them are really worth your money. There are also free shows, but you don’t get to see much in there. Most videos cost around 7 credits, but you can find videos from 3 credits to more than 12.
The video quality is mostly in HD, but not all shows are in HD. The best thing is that they are all in fluid motion and you won’t have problems with lagging.
Both iPhone and Android support this site without any additional program. Everything works almost the same like on a PC, but not everything is available like on a computer.


This site has a lot of models online. Most shows are in HD. Prices are affordable usually.


No session timer in the private show.


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