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Date: December 14, 2017

Written by: Deuce (Male, 32)


When I first opened this site, I thought that it wasn’t special at all because everything looked outdated. However, when I stared looking more into this site, I saw that it offers many things that other sites don’t. For starters, you can choose in which mode you want to look at this site. You can see more models at once, less models, more info and you get the point. You can select one view that suits you the best. I prefer the gallery view because I could see a lot of models at once and I could clearly see if a show is free or not.
I thought that this site was one with girls, but it isn’t. There are guys, transsexuals, couples, lesbians, gays and many things. Basically, you can find anything you can thing off. On top of all that, there are many models in each section. Girls are dominant and there are 600 of them online usually. The site has total of 1000 models online in most times which is quite enough.
Using this site was really easy because everything was so simple and there were no useless things on the main page. I found shows and a couple features that helped me during my stay here. Finding some specific show was pretty important to me, but I knew it won’t be easy. There were just too many models online to scroll through them all so I decided to try out some features. The filter was the best features so far. I could select multiple tags in difference sections and I would end up with a lot less models than before. I had too much fun with this feature that I forgot to check out the rest of them. However, I didn’t find more actually. You could either search for one model by typing in her name or using the filter. There was one more section that allowed you to narrow the search a bit more.
The best thing so far was a free show. Most models had free shows and that was pretty useful when it comes to finding something good. I could select any show I wanted to see for free. There were some useful things that you could find out in there. For example, you could see the video quality in some show. No one would like to watch a show in low quality so you can see it before paying for anything. It is pretty easy to switch to the next show if you don’t like the current one. There were a couple more things that you could do in there like as for the price of a private show.
Now is the time for private shows. You should select the show smartly because after opening a show, there is no going back. Prices vary from show to the next one but the average price is around per minute. You can have a lot of fun for in some shows and you won’t regret one second of it. However, I ran into some overpriced shows that weren’t so worth all that money. You can find pretty decent cheap shows and you don’t even need to pay attention to those expensive shows.
You can find pretty different shows on here. Some models will do much more than just get naked, but the rest of them won’t. The best show I ran into was the one where a model started playing with a dildo. Imagine what she did with it in just 10 minutes while I was there. Definitely one of the best experiences so far.
I mentioned the video quality before, but I didn’t say how it was. Most shows were in pretty decent video quality. You could see some shows in HD and the rest in medium quality. Luckily, I didn’t run into any show that was in low quality. All shows I was in were in fluid motion and it was pretty nice to watch them until the end.
There are special shows here under name ‘vibrator show’. Those are the show in which you get to watch a model that play with a vibrator. I didn’t even need to say that because the name obviously says it.
It was quite nice to use this site on a phone also. I opened it through the regular browser on my phone and it was just like on the pc, but only smaller.


Nice video quality. Many models are online. Affordable prices. Free shows. The site works on a phone.


Everything looks outdated.


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