Live Pimpin - A site that made it hard for me to fulfill my wishes


Date: December 4, 2017

Written by: Mike (Male, 25)


I don’t even know the number of live cam sites I visited and this site is definitely the one I can’t forget. Someone would think that I said that in a positive way, but I definitely didn’t. At first, this site seemed pretty nice, well organized and I thought I could settle here, but I was wrong.
Let’s start with the design here. It seems just too simple and it’s really easy to use. I didn’t see many things on the main age but shows and search features. That is quite enough to find something you like. However, when I started looking a bit more into this site, I saw only 30 online girls. What can you do with that amount of girls? The answer is nothing.
I also saw two sections that would let you see top 5 and top 100 models on the site. The first one was ok, but why would I even look at top 100 models when there aren’t that many online models at any moment? Something just doesn’t add up on this site.
My expectations of this site were close to 0 now and I was really close to just leaving this site, but I decided to check out something else before leaving. Even though there were not many models online, I wanted to see which features are available for the best search. Well, not many features actually. There are only categories. I think that only 10 categories are available, but the weird thing is that only 1 category had models in there. You could also search for some models by her name, but there is no need to use any feature and even if you didn’t, you would get the same result.
I really lost my nerve up until now so I wanted to give a chance to free shows here. I heard that is the best thing around here so I wanted to see for myself. However, when I clicked on any show, it said I was banned. That definitely pissed me off because I didn’t know how that was possible. I was on the site for the first time ever and it’s just impossible to be banned from something if you weren’t there before.
OK, I looked into it and all I had to do was change my IP address to continue this journey. That really wasn’t so hard, but I was still shocked with how bad everything here was.
Once I was in free shows, I didn’t see anything spectacular. Models were the same like on most sites, but some of them were ready to tease you a bit by showing you her private parts. After seeing that, my hopes were up because I was here only for one thing and that is a good show. That was pretty much about it for a free show so I went to the private one.
I didn’t think much about going to the private show because there wasn’t much choice here really. Prices of almost every private show were between per minute and per minute. That just seemed too cheap, but I really didn’t mind it at all. I just didn’t seem to find a counter that shows you how much time you spent in there so you can get in a big problem if you lose track of time. The good thing is that you spend only or per minute so you won’t lose that much money even if you stay in there for 20 minutes.
Now is the time to mention the video quality here. Well, it’s not good. Some shows had decent video quality, but the rest of these shows were almost crap. The video quality was medium in the best case here and that should improve fast. On the other hand, there is no need to improve anything. Shutting down the site is the best thing to do. I don’t think that they make almost any money from this site now.
I was surprised that this site worked on a phone. I just opened it there and saw that pretty much everything was the same.


Affordable prices.


Not many models are online. No search features. Some issues with the site. IP banned even though I wasn’t there ever before. The video quality sucks.


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