Strip Hilo - A site that isn’t like any other site


Date: October 17, 2017

Written by: Corry (Male, 18)


You don’t get to see a live cam show site that allows you to play a game with a model. And not just any game is available here. If you win, you get to see a model naked. If you lose, you don’t get anything. That comes with a risk that you can lose your money and don’t get to see a model naked. I think that no one is here for that.
The first thing I looked here is how many models were online. This site is unique and I didn’t expect to see many models here, but I was wrong. There were around 250 models online at the time I was there and that was enough for me. Besides these online models, there are more than 300000 registered models and I don’t know where they went because not enough models are online when you have that many models on the site.
You won’t have problems while navigating on this site because you don’t actually have things to use. The main page offers you only shows and a demo version. Besides that, you just have other sections that you can use or not.
Sadly, I saw that there was no free show, but I didn’t even expect it because I don’t know how that would work. However, there is a free demo version so you can see how things work on this site. Basically, you have to know just a few things about the game and that is it. If you guess the next card, you win, and if not, you lose. The game has 4 or 5 rounds and each round is worth one piece of clothes. If you win, the model takes of one part of her clothes and if you lose, she puts it back on. That is it from a demo show.
If you want to see a live action, you need to start a show. The price of all these shows is around per minute which isn’t expensive. However, the game lasts too long so you can spend a lot of money on a show that won’t give you a lot of satisfaction. If you run into a pretty nice model, you can see a lot more than just a strip show. Now, the worst thing about this site is that there is no counter in the private show that shows you your current balance. And when you run out of money, the bill will just go straight to your credit card and that can be quite risky. This issue should be fixed or users will skip coming to this place.
The video quality is usually pretty nice and I don’t have anything against it. Most shows were in HD and they were in fluid motion. You could see every action pretty clear and there were no lags during the show. I noticed that there are amateur models and professional ones. I actually prefer amateur ones because they suit me much better than some other ones.
There is a section just for seachi8ng models. You can use the advanced search and that can do the best job. You can select many tags at the same time and that does a pretty nice job. You can also use categories, but there are only 10 categories available. The last thing that can help you out is models’ language. They speak more than 1 language usually and that means also they can be searched by the country they are from. I saw more than 50 categories in there and I didn’t get to test them all.
This site also works on a phone, but it isn’t very easy to use it. You have a smaller screen for this site and some things don’t work like on a pc. This can help you out for a short time, but I wouldn’t recommend it for something longer than that.


Prices are affordable. Enough models are online, but there should be more.


No free shows. The bill will go straight to your credit card if you don’t have money on the account.


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