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Date: February 9, 2018

Written by: Benny (Male, 19)


There are just too many live cam sites on the internet and you just can’t decide which one is the best one. However you can give each site a chance to see what it offers. That is exactly what i did on this site and i wasn’t disappointed. The site has around 600 or 700 models online usually which is quite enough. If there were more models, it would be harder to navigate on the site. Even now, i had some problems while navigating on the site because there were some things missing that i was used on. When a site has many models online, you probably won’t just browse through them all until you find a model that seems like the best one. You usually use some features for free.
This site seems to have only one feature. This one feature offers you around 100 tags or categories, but you can select only one at the time. It would be better if i could select multiple tags at once just like i was using the filter. There are much more models left to choose from after using the feature. The best thing so far is a free show. It offers much more than i expected. You know how some free shows usually don’t even have nude models. Well that is not the case here. Models were mostly naked in free shows here and they were actually doing something. Each one of them has a price put on the show and when she gets that amount, she does something.
Even though that there weren’t many search features, this one did a pretty nice job in multiple ways. Besides narrowing the search, it also showed you how many models were online in each category. The good thing is that there wasn’t one single category that was empty. Each one had more than 10 models at all times.
Everything works through tipping there. If more people are tipping the model, you will spend less money and you will see something much faster than if you were alone in that show. Couples shows are pretty pod. You can see young couples having sex for money. Not many sites offer you that in free shows. There are also private shows. It would be weird if there weren’t private shows. Prices are different but most shows cost around or a bit more per minute. That is not much if you consider what you get for that money. Can you imagine what is waiting for you in the private show if you saw all that in free shows?
All shows i checked were in HD. You could even lower the quality of a show if it wasn’t loading fast. It is good to know that most models are streaming in HD and in fluid motion. The store has few packages and 1 credit is around 1 EUR. You get small discounts for bigger purchases only. You can now use Bitcoins for these things. That makes sense because many people are using Bitcoins, mining them or trading with them.
I did most things on this site with my phone so i can say that it works pretty great. There weren’t any problems for me so far on both a pc or on a phone.


Enough models were online. The video quality was only in hd. Prices were usually affordable. Free shows were better than some private shows.


Navigating on the site is not that easy. Some features are missing.


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