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Date: October 27, 2017

Written by: Milos (Male, 18)


After looking at many different live cam sites over some time, you can know if some site is good just by looking at its design. That doesn’t mean the shows are good, but just that it is quite easy to get around this site. Because the background color is black, everything else is pointed out. It is pretty hard not to find something on the main page. I saw around 600 models online at the time I was there, but I checked out in different hours and there were from 400 to 700 online models. There are much more registered models on the site, but not nearly enough of them are online to the number of registered models.
The first thing I like to do on a site like this one is look at features that can help you out with searching models. Luckily, this site has quite enough features so let’s start with the advanced search. This feature allows you to select more than 6 tags at once and you can get a pretty good result. Instead of browsing from 600 models, you get to look at 10 times less than that. There are more than 40 tags available so you can probably find something you like. The next feature is categories. Many sites have this one, but the only questing is how many categories are there. This site has around 30 categories and you can find anything from MILFs, teens, Blonde girls to Dominatrix, Deepthroat and many others. The best thing is that not one category is empty here. If you know some models name, you can search for her by her screen name by typing it in the search box.
You won’t have to spend a cent before testing a show. Every model here has a free show available if she is not in the private show currently. The best thing you can do in the free show is use the chat window to find out something about the private show. However, if you are listed as a guest, you probably won’t find out anything because models don’t focus on those users. Creating an account is free and it literally takes only 20 seconds to create it. Many people don’t get it that models won’t get naked in the free show, but they constantly bore the model with those questions. If you are rude to a model, you can get blocked and you get nothing from that.
Once you are in a private show, you have a counter that shows you how much time you spend in there. You won’t get ripped off in most cases because prices are reasonable. Most shows cost around per minute which is pretty affordable. There are some shows that are a little cheaper than these, but there are more shows that can cost more than per minute. I’m not saying that expensive shows are bad, but some of them are just overpriced. You can get a pretty nice show for a cheap price if you just search a bit on the site.
Most models here are equipped with HD cameras and their shows are in fluid motion. All details are visible and you have a clear audio as well. I noticed that many models are streaming from a studio and they have better equipment than amateur models who are streaming from their shows. However, the video quality is good in all cases and there are no shows in bad quality.
If you don’t have time to use this site on a computer, you can try a version for your phone. Everything works the same and almost every feature is available on a phone also. The only flaw for me was a smaller screen than on a computer.
This site uses credits as a payment method and the store offers you a couple of packages. The cheapest one is the best package to start with because you don’t get many credits in there and you won’t spend much money. The price of 1 credit is little over 1 EUR and the price just goes down if you buy bigger packages. Every package except the cheaper one has a bonus credits after you purchase it.


Most models have HD cameras. Enough models are online. Navigating on the site is pretty easy. There is a working version of this site for a phone.


Nothing is bad.


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