Pantybay Live Cams - A new site that need improvement


Date: December 18, 2017

Written by: Miloje (Male, 18)


This was the first time I ever got to this site and I was disappointed just after a few moments. The first thing I thought was that everything looked so sophisticated and that brought my hopes up. However, just few moments later, I got disappointed already. The site has no more than 100 models and that is the total number. I think that there are only around 60 of them online which sucks. There is a great chance that you won’t find a model that suits you.
Of course, you won’t select a model randomly if you have to pay for that show. You would look into some details before opening that show. However, you don’t have any features to narrows the search a bit. I mean, there is really no need for it because you can scroll through all models in just a few moments. But I would still like to see something that can help me out in any case.
So far, I didn’t expect to see anything good here because it didn’t really seem like it will be anything good. However, I ran into free shows. That was the best thing so far, and I think that it will be the best thing till the end. Every model that is online has a free show available for every user. You don’t even need an account to open these shows.
The best thing I could do in there was see what is expecting me further in shows. I got a big surprised when I saw some action in there. This one made was actually shirtless and she was twisting her nipples. I didn’t see that kind of action on many sites and it left me surprised really. Besides that one model, I didn’t see any other model that was willing to do something like that. That is all because of tipping. You can tip the model with any amount of money you want. The bigger the tip is, the bigger the chance is to get some reward from her. That means you can see some action thanks to other users in the show if they tip the model.
Private shows were just too expensive. Prices went from 40 credits per minute to 100 credits per minute. That is actually from to per minute. That is just too much for pretty much any show. You can find much cheaper shows on any other site.
The store has a couple packages available and you just need one for the beginning. However, you just can’t take the cheapest one because that has maybe enough credits for 1 minute in some shows. For you can just test one show a bit more. I just don’t like prices on this site.
Shows were too expensive, but they were quite good. I mean, it would be really stupid if those shows were bad and they cost that much money. So, I’m not a big fan of private shows. You can see quite amazing things in these shows. Some model will even start playing with sex toys at one moment that is the best thing you can find. However, is it really worth it to pay that much money for a show that is not as good as it should be?
The video quality was also not as good as it should be. Yes, there are some models that have pretty nice video quality, but there are those shows that are in medium quality. I just expected to see much better quality because most models on almost every site have HD nowadays. Once again, I was disappointed.
The site worked on a phone just like on a computer. Everything was pretty much the same so I didn’t have to get used to something new. Shows were in the same quality and they didn’t have problems with loading or something like that.


Free shows are available.


Not many models are online. The video quality is not so good. Prices are too high. Some problems with navigating on the site.


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