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Date: November 27, 2017

Written by: Mirko (Male, 30)


It’s not that easy to find a live cam site with only Asian models nowadays. I spent some time looking for this site and it was worth it definitely. Because this site is only filled with only Asian models, I didn’t expect to find many models online, but I was surprised. There are around 300 of them online which was quite enough. This site has girls, guys and even trannies so you can probably find something for yourself.
Navigating through this site was pretty easy. Everything important is in a visible place and you can find it without any problems. Everything is just one click away and that was the best thing on the site. The main page has shows, search features and that is it. You won’t be confused with some useless things like ads and similar things.
I liked that all models had free shows available. There was no need for an account even if you wanted to go in those shows. Free shows were pretty nice because you could find out as many things as possible in there. If that wasn’t enough, you could see model’s profile for free. There were some additional information and photos. You don’t get to see much in a free show. Models won’t get naked or do something special in there. The best thing you can do is talk with a model about prices and things she does in the private show.
Once I ran into a model I liked, I started a private show. The price of that show was .98 per minute which was quite amazing. Later, I found out that many models on the site charge that amount so I figured out that is the average price actually. There were some shows that cost .98 per minute or even per minute. The price didn’t have anything with the quality of a show. Some cheap shows were good as those expensive ones.
In most cases, models were willing to get naked as soon as possible in private shows. Not all of them wanted to do more than that. Some of them included some sex toys in their private shows and those were the best private shows. If you want some good time in private shows, you need to spend there more than 10 minutes probably.
Not everyone likes the same model probably. That is one of the reasons why there are some search features available. I liked the advanced search the most because I could select multiple tags at once and I ended up with a nice result in the end. Besides this, I could also use categories. However, that seemed really useless because you could select categories in the filter among other things.
Shows are paid with credits and the store offers multiple packages. The price of 1 credit was little over 1 EUR in all cases. The best thing to do is to start with the cheap package. That way, you won’t spend much money and if you don’t like the site, you won’t regret it that much. Every package except the cheapest one has a bonus amount of credits. You can get up to 10 free credits if you but the most expensive package.
When it comes to the video quality, I only saw the best. All shows I were in were in HD. They were in fluid motion and they didn’t have any problems with lagging or such things. I ran into some shows in which models had remote controlled cameras. They could move the camera during a live stream and that was one of the best things I saw.
I was once bored as hell so I tried using this site through a phone. I was amazed with how it looked. It was basically the same like on a PC. I didn’t have to get used to something new because everything was positioned just like on a PC. The only thing I didn’t like that much was that the screen on a phone is smaller than on a pc so I saw a lot less content at once.


Enough models are online usually. Prices are affordable. All shows were in HD. Both amateur and professional models are available.


Nothing is bad.


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