Strip4bit Bitcoin sexcam review - A good site with exotic shows


Date: January 15, 2018

Written by: Luigi (Male, 28)


Have you heard about Bitcoins before everyone started trading with them? Most people didn’t have any clue about Bitcoins up until few months. When the Bitcoin jumped from 00 to 000, many people started interesting about it. Since it became so famous, I was just waiting to see sites on the internet that also accept them as a payment. This is actually a very good way to pay for shows because you can stay anonymous for how long you want. All you have to do is a wallet and you are ready for a show.
This is probably a new site and that is why there aren’t so many models online. There were around 200 of them online and that is quite enough to find at least one show that will please you.
I knew I was on a very good place when I got here because all models were naked in their profile pictures. That is a promising start for any site. I was kind of disappointed when I saw that there were no free shows, but I kind of get it. If you want to see anything here, you need to pay for it.
Because free shows are off limits, you get to see model’s profile and everything on it for free. You can browse her pictures, read some of her info and find out something about here before a show. That can be useful if you are into kinky stuff. Every models states what she does in her show and what is off limits. You won’t be tricked into anything so don’t worry about that.
Most models speak 2 or more languages. I noticed that most models are from Germany or France. Every model here speaks English, or at least it only says that, but I think that all of them know a bit of English.
Things for a bit different on this site than on other sites. You can’t just create an account on the site. You need to connect your wallet to that profile and only then you get to pay anything.
Prices may seem a bit off, but that is just how things are. I was also surprised when I saw a price that says 0.0003 BTC. It seems very cheap, but it isn’t. If a Bitcoin is around 000 that means the price of that one show is around per minute. That is not so expensive, but it is more expensive than I was used to. This site promised mind blowing shows so I had to check out at least one show. The price varies from one show to another, but most shows are around or per minute. That is a nice price if you get in a show that is better than shows on most sites.
You can either browse a model from the main page, or you can use the filter to narrow the search a bit. When it comes to spending your money, you will probably be extra careful. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on something you don’t even like.
I can say that two shows I was in really were great. Of course, I knew where the limit was so I didn’t ask beyond that. I saw enough to pleasure myself. Models get naked at the beginning of the show which is reasonable. I don’t want to pay for a model that is fully clothes. I think that no one wants to do that. Some models wanted to do more than other models and I was ok with that. There were some shows which included some fore play and sex toys. That is the most you get to see in these shows. I mean, what else can you see in a show with only one girl?
The video quality here was only in HD. i checked only two shows, but they were in HD or even better. Some sites are pushing towards SD and maybe this site is one of them. I know one thing for sure. Shows were in fluid motion and they didn’t have problems with lags.
I noticed one more thing on this site. You can become a model also. Of course, you have to fulfill some requirements, but it’s not that hard. You have to know English (I think) and you have to have an HD camera. That is not much and I think that many people can pass as a model here, or on any other site.


The video quality was in HD or even better. Enough models were online. Shows can be really good and models are ready to do most things they are asked for.


Sadly, no free shows.


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