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Date: November 29, 2017

Written by: Fred (Male, 27)


I know that everyone has something he likes to do on these sites and this site can help everyone out. Once I got here, I saw that there were a lot of models online. I even think that more than 500 of them were online then. That was more than enough for me because I don’t have that specific taste. I can pretty much enjoy any show, but if I am going to pay for it, why shouldn’t I find something more specific?
Navigating on the site was as easy as it can be. There are no useless things on the display and that makes it just easier to use the site. Because of the good color mix in the background, you can clearly see what some features are and what just the background is. That is why I immediately noticed categories and the advanced search. Categories were on the side of the page and they were pretty impossible not to notice. You can only open one category at the time and that is it. I just didn’t stick to this feature because there is a better one.
I didn’t find the advanced search that easily actually. Most sites have an area that says ‘advanced search’. This site didn’t. There were just a few lines, but I knew what that is so I didn’t have much problems. This feature allowed me to select up to 10 tags I think. After using it, I ended up with a lot less models than ever. The only thing I needed to do after it was just click on any show and I was ready to go.
Every model that was online had a free show. That was actually the best thing on the site because you didn’t have to pay for something you didn’t have any clue about. You can check out the video quality in free shows and find out some additional things for free. Models will most likely talk with you so you won’t be ignored like on some other site. But if you are listed as a guest, you will most definitely be ignored because no one likes users without an account.
While you are creating an account, you can also buy credits. The store has 5 packages I think. The cheapest one has 18 credits for 21 EUR and the most expensive one has 158 credits for 161 EUR. The price of a credit is little over 1 EUR as you can see. When you buy bigger packages, you get small discounts and a bonus amount of credits. You can get up to 10 free credits if you buy the most expensive package. However, it’s not so smart to start off with the most expensive package because you don’t know anything about the site.
Private shows are not the same with every model so don’t think you will see the same thing everywhere. Some models are a little bit shy or they just don’t want to do more than just get naked. They are usually in some tight underwear at the beginning of the show and they start taking it off pretty fast. Some of them will also include sex toys in their shows. That is the best thing you can find. If a show has sex toys included, it will be stated that the show is with VibraToy or something like that.
Because shows are different, that means the price is different also. Some shows cost as low as per minute and yet, some shows cost up to or more per minute. You can find most shows for around per minute and you get quite nice shows for that money. There is a counter that shows you how much time you spent in the show exactly. That means you won’t be charged for something you didn’t do any you certainly won’t lose track of time.
Every show I opened was in HD. I opened quite a lot free shows just to test the video quality. I was not disappointed in any case. They were all in fluid motion and that was the most important thing.
The last thing you can do with this site is use it on a phone. There is no need for an app so you can just open it through a regular browser.


Many models. Good video quality. Easy to use site. Prices are affordable. Site works on a phone


Nothing is bad.


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