Will Latin America Become The New Romania Of The Webcam Industry?

Date: April 6, 2017

Written by: Alin (Male, 33)

As the internet age is being introduced into every part of the Latin America, it is only natural that the webcam industry is going to follow it. The southern part of the American continent might be rife with social unrest and low standards of living, but everything seems to be improving for the people living there in the recent years. This improvement most certainly includes the increase in the internet bandwidth available to the general populace. While the webcam industry has been around for quite some time and there are performers from all over the world within it (including performers from the Latin America), the recent increase in the amount of the girls from this part of the world has many experts wondering whether the Latin America will overtake Romania as the largest provider of cam models. As you may already know, according to some statistics, Romania an estimated of 500,000 models earning their bread by stripping and doing sexual acts in front of webcams. This represents around 60% of the entire webcam industry.

While the Romanian numbers might be rigged, those concerning Colombia seem to be a bit more realistic. With over 30,000 performers operating in this country, the people running the camming industry there are thinking about expanding to the rest of the Latin America. While most of them work from studios and apartment buildings across the major Colombian cities, there are thousands of Colombian cam models operating from their homes. It is estimated that around 95% of the ‘Latin’ models come from Colombia. The other 5% consists of Brazilian and Mexican performers. Naturally, we are talking about performers coming strictly from the Latin America, which means that those who are of Latin descent but operate in other countries do not count.

When you take into consideration that there is a lack of governmental regulations, as well as that the majority of the Latin America has a large number of unemployed youth, it is only natural that the webcam industry might find itself gaining more and more models from this part of the world. According to the Colombian webcam industry’s bigwigs, Chile, Argentina, as well as the already mentioned Brazil and Mexico could be the countries with the highest potential for their expansion. Spearheading this expansion is the world-renowned cam website LiveJasmin. Being one of the industry’s leaders, LiveJasmin certainly has both the funds and the means to undertake this kind of an effort.

Indeed, according to the experts, porn (including webcam shows) takes up to thirty percent of the entire traffic on the internet. Also, those same experts claim that there is much more room for expansion. That is why it is no wonder that the giants of the industry, such as LiveJasmin are looking to expand. Some reports state that they want to increase the number of performers available online at any given time to an astounding 10,000. Latin America could play a pivotal role in that. This part of the world has not yet been explored when it comes both to porn and webcam industries. Even though it might seem like those projects would fail in the Latin America, one should know that the population of this part of the world is estimated to be over 600 million.

Another thing which might aid the expansion of porn and webcam industries in the Latin America is the very explosion of the mobile market. Since more and more people from Latin America’s countries are purchasing goods over their phones, this might be a great entryway for those who want to expand their services in this part of the world. While mobile service providers are not keen on promoting hardcore porn, it is not illegal to purchase this kind of content through them. This is much more convenient than using one’s credit/debit card. While this practice is banned in the US, it is certainly flourishing in the countries located near its southern border. 

In the end, it all comes down to the will of the leaders of the webcam industry in Colombia, as well as the industry’s powerhouses like the aforementioned LiveJasmin. Latin America could provide the world with numerous new and exciting webcam models. There is potential there, and, as it turns out, people within the industry are finally recognizing it. Thanks to the modernization of the larger part of this continent, it is easy to think about what the future might hold for the cam industry in the Latin America. It certainly can knock Romania off the throne. It could also flourish in no time. But, the future is always uncertain, and whether or not the Latin America will provide the majority of cam performers to the industry remains to be seen.


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