What is the cost for private shows on Sex Cam sites and Why shoud i pay for Private shows?

Date: January 20, 2018

Written by: CamGirl (Female, 24)

Why should I pay for live cam shows?

There are many reasons why you should pay for some shows and why you shouldn’t, but let’s start with positive ones.

Most models try their best to satisfy you even in the free show because most users proceed to a private show if they are pleased in a free show. Models have different ways of approaching their fans, but the best one for me is when models tease me by stripping or something like that. Not many models are willing to do this, but models who want to do that will most definitely get money from me.

Not all sites have free shows available and that makes it quite tricky to decide if the show is worth it or not. You have to trust your guts and you can get tricked easily. Some private shows won’t give you much satisfaction so I would say that those shows are definitely not worth paying.

The best shows are those shows in which models get naked in no time and they spice things up with some sex toys. I don’t mind paying a lot of money for those shows because they are the best ones around.

What’s the cheapest price for a live cam site and what you see for that money?

This depends on a site that you are looking for, but in most cases, the lowest price is almost the same. Let’s take LiveJasmin for an example. This site is well known for all kinds of shows and there are many positive reviews about it. Most models don’t overcharge their fans. The price is usually around or per minute, but is that really the cheapest price? No. there are even cheaper shows that that. I found a few shows that cost .98 per minute. That just seemed too low at the beginning, but it really was like that. You would expect to see some crappy show for that money, but that doesn’t have to be the case. I actually enjoyed that show and I didn’t have to spend a ton of money on it. You can see pretty much anything in these shows. Some models will include even sex toys, and some of them won’t do anything but get naked.

What makes a site good?

Appearances of a site should always be really good because that is how you get more people to stay on the site. Let’s face it. If the site looks bad, almost no one will stay on it. However, if everything looks modern and well organized, you will make most people stay there.

Besides the looks of a site, there should be something interesting on it. There is no use of a good looking site if it can’t offer many things. In my opinion, the best site is the one that has 500+ online models and free shows for starters. If you get to test something before paying it, you are on a good way to fulfill your wishes.

There is one more thing that matter a lot. Prices should be affordable. It something is just too expensive, not many people will pay for it. You just have to face it, most people don’t have that much money to waste on something online. Good prices are somewhere between and per minute. for around , you mostly get everything you are seeking for.

What is the point of live cam sites?

Almost everyone who ever opened some site on the internet has heard about a live cam sites, or at least seen once willingly or not. You can get redirected to a live cam site through some pop up ad. Anyways, I asked myself a question why would you use a site like this one when you get to watch many porn videos only for free.

There is one reason I could think off. In porn videos, you get to watch what someone else directed. However, in live shows, you can be the one who asks for things. Off course, this can’t be done for free. Models should be paid first and they, if you are lucky, you get to see something that you want. That is the case on most sites, not every. Some models will fulfill at least one of your wishes to get you attention right away.

What is the lowest you have to pay for a webcam show?

I always like to pick some topic that is not easy to discuss. You really can’t say for sure the cheapest price because not all sites are the same because the cam girls et the pay per minute price for private shows where them perform naked. Some sites are filled with only amateur models and there are usually lower prices. On the other hand, you can run into a site that has only professional models. Prices there can be really high and pretty much unbelievable.

If you want to see a good show, you really can’t expect to pay it only a couple $. Everything that is good costs. However, cheapest shows I found on I don’t know which site were .98 per minute. That just seems unreal because you get to see everything for or so. Well, it turns out that those cheap shows aren’t that good actually. You only get to see a part of what you would see in some good and more expensive show.


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