What are the the most common things for models and members on all Free Cam Sites?

Date: January 20, 2018

Written by: Naughty (Male, 45)

The thing most live models have to go through

One thing that is expected on all sexy cam sites is to have someone annoying at every moment. Many people don’t get that if they are boring, they will just get ignored. However, they can’t get blocked from the show and models have to see their text at all times.

What are things that they do? Well for starters, they constantly ask things like ‘show boobs’, ‘show ass’ and such. I don’t know how they don’t get it that none models will do that in a free show for free. There is a case when they want to do that, but she has to be awarded with a bigger tip. However they are just asking models to do all kinds of things, but they would never think of tipping them with any amount of money. Those people can even make other users uncomfortable.

The most common thing for all  cam sites

The internet has a lot of live cam sites nowadays and pretty much no one knows the exact number. Many people would say that every site is pretty much different, but I would disagree with that. Yes, there are a lot of things that are usually different on most sites, but each one of these sites has at least one thing in common.

Using a few different live cam sites overtime made me think one thing. Some models are usually available on more than just one site. They actually stream on 2 or 3 sites at the same time and that gives some shows little problems with lagging. However, that is not what I have in mind when I said there is something in common. Every show in all live cam sites has a feature that allows you to talk with the model in both free and private shows. This is a nice way to find out many useful things about something you are curious of.

The advanced search on live adult cam sites

Let’s start with saying that this feature is the best one that exists. Off course, there is a reason why said that and here’s the reason. This feature usually allows you to select around 10 or more tags at once. It doesn’t matter if the site has 10000 or 100 models, you will narrow the search to a lot less models in all cases. Usually, you get 10 times less models on the display after using this feature.

     I personally think that a site without this feature is useless. If a site doesn’t have many models, you will have luck with finding some specific model. However, if a site has lots of models, you will have some problems while looking only for 1 model. The advanced search allows you to select categories, tags and types of shows all at once. There is no need to use all these things separately anymore.


Some pop up ads lead you to free cams

To be honest, everyone looks at porn sites and similar things almost every day. I was looking at one new site a heard off and I wanted to give it a chance. However, when I clicked on pretty much anything, a pop up add appeared and it redirected me to a site. This isn’t the first time I was redirected of course, but I always end up on the same site named BongaCams, or Chaturbate. Youc an read members reviews about booth sites here:

Chaturbate: http://www.seekcams.com/sexcam-sites/chaturbate-com/ 

Bongacams:  http://www.seekcams.com/sexcam-sites/bongacams/

     This time, I wanted to see what this site offers because it seems like everything leads to this site. There were many models online and I saw that right away. I was a little confused at first because the site was translated into my native language. I found out that there are many languages available here and that is pretty cool. After all those times I was redirected here, I was kind of glad that I stay this time because I found out something new. You can find pretty decent shows for cheap prices. These things are much different than regular porn videos so I decided to stick to these shows for a bit.


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