Six interesting facts about adult cams

Date: January 20, 2018

Written by: bdsmmaster (Female, 31)

Are pornstars also webcam models?

Yes, yes they are. However, not all sites have someone well-known in their catalogue. Most sites have usually some amateur models or professional ones who are streaming from a studio, but they are not well known. From time to time, I like to check out one site that usually had some pornstars as webcam models. If I remember right, it was LiveJasmin.

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Almost everyone has heard about this site at least once. You can find pretty much anything on this site from amateur models to pornstars. They are arranged perfectly and you can see the difference between amateur ones and professional ones. Many other features allow you to select only one of those models really easy.

Pornstars usually charge a little bit more than other models because they are let’s say famous. You need a lot of money to enjoy their shows fully. The price can sometimes be as high as per minute. However, that doesn’t seem to bother many people because they start private shows regularly.

New models on live cam sites

Well, that is not so good thing to run into. Maybe some new models can be pretty good, but it usually takes some time to actually like those models. They are still shy and won’t do things like some other models would do. You get used to seeing a model in some tight underwear in the free show just to tease you. I had some experience with a newer model and she was dressed up almost as a nun. That is certainly not what I want to see.

However, you can actually get quite surprised with new models. They are new and they want to prove themselves. That can be one of reasons why they would do pretty much anything just to get a good rating. If you see a new model with the best rating, you should know that she is a wild one most definitely.

You can never know what you are getting into with models, so it’s good thing to ask them something before rushing to the conclusion about them.

Are live cams actually live?

I know that you can find live webcam sex shows on every corner nowadays, but I got to ask myself a question that is not that stupid at all. I was once on some site and I started thinking that those shows were not actually live.

There is a reason why I thought of that. Something just seemed strange about those shows. I know I heard a rumor that there are recorded shows going online, but I didn’t want to believe. Now, I am almost certain. Models in those shows seemed to what they wanted. It didn’t matter if some user asked for some special request, nothing changed. Model did the same thing over and over again.

You can choose pretty much any show you want on the internet and I know I won’t go for those shows that seem recorded. It’s much better to look at some show in lower quality in which you get to see what YOU want than to look at something mainstream and boring.

Great way to fulfill your dirty needs

There are many way to please yourself and fulfill all your dirty needs, but there must be one that is the best one among all. For me, it was by looking at live cam sites and I don’t care if someone disagrees with that. There are many sites on the internet and I started liking one named LiveSex Awards.

This site has a full package in my opinion. You have shows, great organization, many models and things like that. Using this site is pretty easy. Prices are affordable in most cases and models are polite to everyone.

The best thing about this site is that all shows are pretty much the same. You get to see all kinds of things in private shows. Some of them even include sex toys. The thing that didn’t add up to me is why they cost around per minute. I really didn’t care because it was a good deal and I didn’t want to miss out on it.

How can live adult cam sites be improved?

For starters, some sites are perfect just like they are. There is no need to change anything on them. However, on the other hand, there are some sites that are crap and they need to improve ASAP. If the site doesn’t look good or appealing, why would I stay on it?

Here are some suggestions from my perspective. As a user, I want to find shows easily no matter what. If I have to scroll through a big list to do that, I surely won’t stay there long. If there are some features that can help you out, that makes everything better. The best feature is an advanced search. When you select 10 or so tags, you will have a lot less models to choose from.

The next thing is the video quality. When I have to pay for something, I want it to be perfect. I will just go to some site where the video quality is good and I will pay for that show, instead of wasting my money on something in low quality.



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