I want to become a webcam model, what should I do?

Date: November 10, 2017

Written by: Jasmin B. (Female, 33)

Once you decide to enter this world, you need to have multiple things that are required on every site. If you actually decided to become a model, it is pretty important to find the best company to work for. You are probably in this world to make some money really easy and not all companies pay you the same. Checking out how much percentage you earn from shows can give you more information about your paycheck.

The first important thing is not to accept any money through PayPal for your actions as a model because that is against their policy. You bank account can’t get frozen and that only brings you trouble. Most companies pay their models every week or every two weeks by sending them checks.

When it comes to requirement for the job, here is the list of important things. The first thing most people are looking or is a HD camera. Those things can cost much and entering this world isn’t that easy. The reason why HD camera is so important is because most live cam sites nowadays allow their users to search models with only HD cameras. If you are one of models with that camera, you can be on top of that list and that can bring you only more money.

Before even starting the job as a webcam model, you need to submit some required documentation. Usually, you have to send you personal information, multiple photos and a specific form. Those photos are pretty important because users should be able to how you look like from those photos. The trick is to shoot those photos from different angles and submit those photos in which you look the best.

Creating an account as a webcam model can be quite tricky. The first thing and the most important one is to think of some catchy name. If you have some name that is easy to remember like SexyJanice, most users will remember it easily. Promoting yourself on other social networks like Twitter, Instagram and some other networks can make you more famous than before. If you put the same name on all these networks, people will find you much easier.

If you are done with all these things, you are ready to start your very first show. Your shows should be funny, interesting and most of all catchy. No one will stay in the show if the show is boring. For girls, the most important thing is to show what they got. Wearing clothes that show your best body parts can attract many users in such short time. Some sites allow you to put some information about yourself or your shows that is displayed just below your profile picture. This area is the best for saying what are you willing to do in the private show and off course, the price.

Prices of private shows vary in almost every case and that is because some models determine their own price and in other cases, editors of the site are determining the price. If models are working for some company, they usually get somewhere between 20-25% of the total price. There can be more incomes if the site allows tipping. Tipping can give you much more money than just the price of a private show.

Most users expect to see a model who is willing to play with props and toys. Those toys and props should always be near you and within your reach. No one would like to see a model who walks away from the show just to get something from other room. That also applies to clothing. You should have multiple outfits near you so you can dress for different roleplays because most users on live cam sites are looking for that primarily.



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