Dear Santa,

Date: December 1, 2014

Written by: Olivia (Female, 30)

I know this year I wasn't a good girl, but I have to admit that I don't regret it. All the bad and naughty things I’ve done was for my pure pleasure and I assure you they didn’t hurt anyone involved in. On the contrary, they enjoyed the same pleasure I did.

I heard that bad girls deserved to be punished and I totally agree with that. I encourage you to take attitude on this issue. So, I want to tell you I’d like you to punish me for not being an obedient girl this year. I have to admit that the idea of being punished for being a naughty girl really excites me!!!

It seems that my wishes list for this Christmas is actually a punishments list J.

My dear Santa, I announce you that I’ll love to find in my present a big red butt plug with a white pony tail to be in Christmas mood.

I’ll wait for you with milk and cookies and you will have to be demanding, mad and bossy with me. Your attitude of a bad Santa will turn me on... Santa, mark my words. My desired punishments are the following:

-the red butt plug stuck in my ass by you, my dear Santa!

-a good spanking for not being a good girl applied with your big cold hands after my present was stocked in my ass.

-broadcast what you do to me with a hot sexy cam girl which is playing with 3 elfs.

-make me suck your dick.

-fuck me from behind while I watch the other girl.

This image of me with Santa behind me, watching the sexy cam girl performing  live sex show with 3 elfs while she is looking in my eyes at the same time , make me wanna touch myself right now until I climax.

It will be fucking awesome to climax both of us at the same time, looking each other.

So, this year all I need for Christmas is Santa’s dick!


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