5 TIPS for Regular users vs new ones

Date: January 20, 2018

Written by: camster (Male, 35)

1. How make the difference for models  Regular users vs new ones 

It's a common thing to find both regular users on the live cam site and new ones. You can clearly see the difference between those two just from how they treat a model and what they expectations are. Inexperienced users will only ask a model to take off the clothes and fulfill their wishes, but they won’t offer any money for it. On the other hand, regular users know that is not how things work around here. They either go to the private show right away, or they tip the model enough to loosen her up a bit. You can also see that new users won't spend much money on shows. They expect that will give them anything they wish for, but you need to pay a little more for something good usually. And in this case, a little more money is needed than you think.

2. Premium access to live cam shows

We are all familiar with free and private shows on all most live cam sites. Those shows did the job pretty nice for a long period, but it was expected that something will get better than those shows. If you thought that seeing a model naked in private show is much, prepare for this new thing.

I ran into a site that had something new for me. I don’t remember the name actually, but that is not so important right now. Besides those two known shows, you also GOLD shows or VIP shows or whatever you want to call them. Keep in mind that those shows are very expensive. Some shows can cost up to per minute which is a rip off. However, what you see in there is worth it most definitely. Each one of these shows includes some fore play usually and models like to play with sex toys in there. I can’t ask for more than that.

  Not everyone can access these shows. You have to subscribe to a site monthly if you want to get the privilege of watching these shows.

3. How  easy is to find something specific on cam sites?

That depends on which site you are looking at. Some sites have much better scripts and designs and that makes it really easy to use them. However, there are still some outdated sites online that are rarely used, but someone still goes there.

In most cases, people come to a site, open a filter and put in all things they want to see. It’s simple as that. You end up with a smaller group of models after using the filter and the only thing that is up to you is to select one show of those.

 If filter is not available, you can search for a model in categories. That takes more time, but it is much better than to scroll through the main page to find something. Sadly, that needs to be done somewhere because some sites have none search features.

4. How you can get some rewards from models?

It depends on how you look on it. Basically, you can’t get any gift or money from a model or pretty much anyone. The only way to get that is if you are a model or if someone puts some money on your account. That is most unlikely to happen so don’t even think about it.

However, there are other ways to get some so called rewards. If you are being nice to a model and you are willing to tip her or spend enough money on her in the private show, you can get some sort of a reward from her or from him. Models are willing to fulfill one of your requests every now and then. That is the only reward you can get for your spent money. If you expect something else than that, you will most likely be very disappointed.

5. How Does tipping make a difference in free shows?

This is a quite stupid questing to ask even, but let’s talk about if for a moment. Some sites offer tipping and some of them don’t. I always thought that more features can only bring more good things not less.

Once in a free show, you don’t have many possibilities usually. However, if tipping is available, things can change a lot. Models won’t do anything without getting money right? Well, when you tip them enough, they just seem to forget that they are in a free show and they will please you on some way. Of course, that is not the case always. Some models won’t do anything in there even if they are tipped.

When you look at more shows with tipping, you can probably agree that you will get only more good things than in shows without tipping. Spending a little more money can bring you a bit more happiness than you would think.

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